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1. Administrator of personal data is Inas Mannei, address: ul. Stanisława Wyspiańskiego
26B, apt. 102, 60-751 Poznań, Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) 7831663209,
Business Identification Number (REGON) 367311885.
2. Personal data are processed in line with provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of
the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with
regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and
repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as GDPR).
3. We process only those personal data which Customers voluntarily provided while
shopping in the Store, that is: name, last name, email address, phone number, delivery
4. Personal data are processed only in order to:
1) execute the agreement (on grounds of article 6 paragraph 1 letter b) GDPR),
2) for marketing purposes of the Administrator (on grounds of article 6 paragraph 1
letter f) GDPR); Users will be sent commercial information on their email only if they
submit a separate permission.
5. In all matters regarding processing of your personal data You can contact us:
1) by emailing us at:, or
2) by sending a traditional letter to: Urząd Pocztowy 2, Skrytka 122, ul. Głogowska 17, 60-
952 Poznań, Poland.
We suggest email contact. Thanks to that You will receive a response to your inquiry
6. In order to provide services to You we provide your data to entities that provide IT
services to us, including: Website maintenance, data storage and email services.
7. Your data are processed for as long as our agreement is in place. After renouncement
execution or termination of the contract we keep your data for as long as You can
pursue claims related to failure to perform or improper performance of the agreement by
us and related to non-compliance of the sold goods with the contract or for as long as we
can pursue such claims against You.
8. You have the following rights related to your personal data, if You want to exercise your
rights, email or write to us to present your request:
1) the right for confirmation of processing - You have the right to obtain confirmation
from us whether your personal data are processed and if they are, You have the
right to gain access to the data and obtain information regarding processing of your
2) the right for correction - You can demand that we immediately correct your personal
data if You believe they are incorrect or no longer valid. You can also ask us to
complement them, if You believe your data are incomplete, considering the purpose
for which we process them;
3) the right to be forgotten - You have the right to ‘be forgotten’, it means that You can
demand we remove your personal data and we will do that immediately, provided
a) personal data are no longer essential for the purpose for which we have the
right to process them,
b) we process your data on the basis of your permission and You have withdrawn
your permission,
c) You have filed objection to our processing of your data (see point 6 below),
d) it happened that, even though we did our best to protect your data properly and
process them in line with current regulations, they are processed illegally,
e) the coercion to remove data results from our need to fulfill legal obligation of the
EU or Polish law,

f) personal data have been collected in the process of offering information society
services to a person under 18 years of age;
4) the right to demand limitation of data processing - You can demand that we limit
processing of your personal data if:
a) You question correctness of personal data – for as long as we need to verify
correctness of these data,
b) processing of your data is illegal in your opinion, but You object to their removal,
demanding limitation of their use instead,
c) we no longer need personal data for processing, but You need them to specify,
pursue or defend claims,
d) You have filed objection to processing data by us – until it is decided whether
legally justified grounds on our part are superior to the grounds of your
5) the right to transfer data - You can demand that we send, in a structured, commonly
used, machine-readable format, your personal data You have provided to us before.
You can submit the data to another administrator and demand that we, provided that
it is technically feasible, send the data directly to another administrator; You have
the right to transfer data only with regard to the data we process under agreement
with You or upon your permission;
6) the right for objection - we process collected personal data for the purpose of direct
marketing of our services so at any moment You can file objection (for reasons
related to your particular situation) towards processing of data to the extent the
processing serves the purpose of direct marketing. In such case we will immediately
stop processing your data for this purpose;
7) the right for complaint -You have the right to file a complaint about our operation or
negligence to the supervising authority, which is the President of the Personal Data
Protection Office.
9. We accumulate information on IP addresses of devices that connect with Information gathered this way is used for analysis and
verification of the Store’s operation. Based on these data visitor statistics are prepared.
10. Information on IP numbers is also used for technical purposes.


11. We do not collect automatically any data, except for information included in cookies.
12. Some areas of our Store use cookies – text files that are placed on Users’ devices,
identifying them in a way that is essential to use some of the Store’s functionalities.
Cookies usually contain name of the website they come from, time of their storage on
end device and unique number. Visiting the Store without changing browser settings
regarding cookies mean that they will be placed on devices of visitors. Anybody who
uses the Store in any way can change browser settings regarding cookies at any point,
blocking placement of these files on their devices.
13. The entity that places cookies on users’ end devices and acquires access to them is Inas
Mannei, address: ul. Stanisława Wyspiańskiego 26B, apt. 102, 60-751 Poznań,
Taxpayer Identification Number (NIP) 7831663209, Business Identification Number
(REGON) 367311885.
14. Cookies are used in order to:
1) adjust the content of our Store’s website to Customers’ preferences,
2) optimize usage of our Store’s website through, among other things, recognition of
Customer’s device and personalization of the Store’s website on their device,
3) develop statistics that are helpful in understanding the way Customers use our
Store, which allows us to keep improving the structure and content of the Store’s
15. Within the store we use two basic types of cookies: session and persistent cookies.
Session cookies are temporary files which are stored in the memory of Customer’s end

device until they leave the Store’s website or close the software (internet browser).
Persistent cookies are stored on Customer’s end device for a period of time that is
specified in cookies’ parameters. Customers can remove cookies from their devices at
any moment.
16. The cookies we use are divided into the following types:
1) ones that enable usage of services that are available in the Store, e.g. to authorize
cookies used for services that require authorization in the Store;
2) ones that serve for assuring security, for instance to detect misuses within
authorization in the Store;
3) ones that enable collection of information on the way the Store’s website is used;
4) ones that enable saving of settings selected by Customer and personalization of
interface in terms of e.g. language or regional settings;
5) ones that enable provision of advertising content to Customers that corresponds to
their interests.
17. The most popular browsers that are used to browse the internet, including shopping in
online stores, enable saving cookies on end devices by default. However, every user
can change these settings so that the browser automatically blocks saving of cookies or
informs about an attempt to save cookies on a device. Information on cookies’
management is available in browser settings.
18. We hereby inform that blocking or restricting of saving cookies may affect operation of
some functionalities of the Store.
19. Cookies saved on Customers’ devices can be used by our advertisers or business

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